domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

My first post in English: + Amor

I've been thinking about writing a post in English for a long time ago... and here it is!!! :)
(sorry for the mistakes)

Yesterday I went out to buy some things and have a walk around my new neighbourhood... The day was wonderful... sunny but not very hot... after the promised rain (friday night), the promised fall of the temperature came too.

I was waiting for the tram... and then, I decided to come back by my own foot... And while I was walking these were some of the images the life gave me. And now I think... If I had used the tram I wouldn't have seen all these beautifuls things!!! (sssst.... a third conditional ;o)).

I found a heart... the same heart... same love... different walls. I found clouds... artifitial ones and natural ones... crossing the sky!!!
This summer someone told me that the people who look for figures in the clouds has a lot of numbers of being esquizofrenic... Who will knows, who will knows... ;o)

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